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Guest house near the beach in Alghero


For many years the economic power of Alghero was linked to trade of coral. In 1355, King Peter IV of Aragon granted the coat of arms of the city and not coincidentally a symbol of a branch of coral was chosen.

Now Alghero devoted to coral a real museum in the city center, so that visitors can learn about its history, and culture that binds the coral to Alghero, also called "red gold". Alghero, in fact, has always had a strong bond with this mineral and it has made ​​it a thriving resource since ancient times.

Many craftsmen have over time used different techniques, and several fishermen have risked their lives to fish the coral and they are still at risk. The coast of Alghero which extends for about 75 km, is rich in beautiful secluded bays, long beaches, clear water and limestone masses that end up overlooking the sea, including the most famous Capo Caccia, also famous for its Grotte di Nettuno.

Alghero catalan city

In 1354 Peter IV of Aragon began his domination in the city of Alghero, which ended around 1754. Today we still find evidence in the old city, such as churches, old buildings, and especially it can be seen in the famous Great Wall, also known as bastions Magellano.

Even today it is not difficult to hear the Catalan dialect, a sign of Spanish rule.

The old town

Alghero, the pearl in the Riviera of the Coral...

Walking through the old town you can not help but see the old towers and ancient walls built to protect the town against the assaults of the Doria and the Aragonese. The best known towers are: the Tower of Sant Jaume, the Portal Tower and the Esperò Tower.

We are sure that you will be fascinated by Alghero after your visit in the historical center...

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